Thursday, June 18, 2009


Well, I already have a Facebook account and use it almost every day - so I didn't see the need to make another one for this assignment. I think that Facebook is a great tool, especially to keep up with friends that I don't get to see anymore.

I did think that it was kind of weird when I signed up that they asked for my email password to get my friends - frankly thats not cool. I would rather just search for people myself. Also - I don't like that when you write on someone's wall, it tells everyone about it. Maybe I don't want everyone to know what I'm writing. Another thing that I don't like is that with the apps, it's very easy to get confused between what is an actual app and what is an advertisement. And sometimes there are so many apps that they get annoying.

For the most part, I really like Facebook, but there are some things that you have to watch out for.

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